Feasibility Study – content frame :

studiu de fezabilitate

Feasibility Study – content frame :

Feasibility Study
A. Songs written – feasibility study :

– General information – the name of the investment objective , location ( county , licalitatea street, number ) , the holder of the investment, the investment recipient , developer study.

– General information on the project :

A. Current situation with information about the entity responsible for project implementation;

B. Description of investment: pre-feasibility study or the conclusions of detailed long-term technical and economic scenarios ( if not prepared pre-feasibility study ) proposed scenarios , the recommended scenario and benefits , describing constructive , functional , technological ,

c Specifications investment : area , location , legal status field situation permanent employment land, field studies ( topographical , geotechnical and other studies if applicable) , main caractersitici construction investment objective ( ACTV domain variants constructive achievement ) the existing situation of utilities and consumer analysis , the findings of the EIA result ;

D. Duration of accomplishment, milestones , achieving the investment chart .

– Estimated costs of the investment :

The total value with the general estimate breakdown structure ;

b rescheduling costs in conjunction with the realization of the investment chart .

– Cost-benefit analysis :

Identify and define investment objectives ( reference period ) ;

b options analysis ;

C. Financial analysis with the calculation of indicators of financial performance : cumulative flow , net present value , internal rate of return and cost benefit ;

d economic analysis to calculate economic performance indicators : net present value , internal rate of return , cost -benefit

‘s sensitivity analysis ;

F. risk .

– Sources of financing of investment – is governed by the laws in force : own funds , bank loans, funds from the budget of state / local budget, foreign loans guaranteed or contracted state funds exernal grants or other legal sources .

– Estimates of the labor force employed in investments;

– Main economic indicators of investment – number of jobs created in the execution phase and operation phase .

– Permits and agreements in principle :

a beneficiary’s opinion on the need and desirability of the investment;

b Certificate of urbanism ;

c Opinions principle on utility services ;

d Environmental Agreement ;

E. Other specific approvals and agreements in principle .

B. Drawings – feasibility study :

– Location in the Plan ;

– General Plan ;

– Plans sections and overall architecture, structure , systems ;

– Special Plans , sections, longitudinal and transverse .



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