Measurement preparation stages:

etape intocmire antemasuratoare

 Measurement preparation stages:


Structuring technological steps as the technology of execution of the work concerned. In this sense it starts to target investment , which is divided into objects of investment ( investment objects have distinct functionality , that performs different functions in the lens) . Each object is divided into stages Investment individuals or categories of work . Physical stages will be decomposed into sub work items specifying the paper version where appropriate . Each item of work and will be a more accurate description of what is intended .
Documentation is made as to what materials are included in the paper , what equipment is used and under what conditions , the specific transport necessary , their distances and means of transport.
Measurement are made on the plan or on the ground , depending on the stage you wish to prepare it ( in design phase or in the execution phase ) according to the structure of the process steps previously performed .
It will complete the list of items with quantities related work , rounded up .
Articles of paper will fit in normal Note estimate by taking the contents of the indicator corresponding physical stage , category of work which it operates.

After attaching the article to a symbol contained in paper signs norm estimate, the work becomes an article Article estimate .

Measurement is used in calculations song written before execution of the work , it becomes an attachment in execution , the necessary settlement works executed up to that point .


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