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Preparing currency works , tender offer , tender generally extracted resources , attachments , situations payment – currency services offered :

· Centralizing expenditure target – F1 ;

· Centralizing expenditure categories of works on objects – form F2 ;

· List of quantities for works on categories of works – Form F3 – single unit price ( quotation offer) or four unit prices ;

· Lists including the consumption of resources ( extracted resources – material , labor , equipment, transport) ;

· List the quantities of equipment and technology ;

· Completion estimate antemasuratorilor articles themselves, differences and other items necessary calculations handling costs , transport wagon materials , increases in circulation of purchasing items ( in case it is found that missing) ;

· Attachments, situations payment date;

· Estimate overall investment objective or economic documentation which establishes the estimated total expenditure necessary to achieve the project.

As construction work falls in the most real in quotation rules and their corresponding prices , the estimated cost in design phase corresponds to that obtained by execution. How antemasuratorilor preparation and accuracy of a project depends on the quality of documentation and thus estimate the cost of construction.

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