Classification cement

Classification cement


Among the main classifications of cements can be mentioned: a. Depending on the presence of additives in cement composition:

portland cement unit (without additives);
Portland cement with additives;
Depending on their composition, according to European Standard EN 197-1:
Portland cements;
Portland cement with slag;
Portland cement with microsilica;
Portland pozzolana cements;
Portland cement with fly ash;
Portland cement with calcined shale;
Portland cement with limestone;
Portland cement composites;
furnace cements;
pozzolanic cements;
composite cements;
c. According to SR 388/1995, cements are divided as follows:

Portland cements without addition (type I);
Portland composite cement (type II);
furnace cement (type III);
pozzolana cement (Type IV);
composite cements (type V).
According to SR 1500 to 1596, harmonized with European norm ENV 197-1, cements are divided as follows:
Portland slag cement (type II);
ash Portland cement (type II);
natural pozzolana Portland cement (type II);
Portland limestone cement (type II);
Portland composite cement (type II);
furnace cement (type III);
pozzolana cement (Type IV);
composite cements (type V).
Conventional classification is indicative, sometimes there are significant differences between cements can the same type. For these reasons, technical parameters, technological and economic indicators of work, based on analysis, testing and specific conditions, such as cement and usable recommended.

Share mineralogical components, divided by the name of cements and their properties as follows:

Cements Alita – have gone high heat, normal setting and fast drying (high early strength, cold weather, prefabrication, etc. – without chemical aggressiveness);
Belite Cement – have gone little heat, normal setting and hardening low speed (massive construction, warm areas – chemical aggressiveness – corrosion type I);
Cements brownmilleritice – normal setting, normal hardening (freeze – thaw repeatedly – aggressive chemical sulphate);
Cements ferritic – normal setting, hardening normal (high sulphate chemical aggression);
Cements normal – normal setting, hardening normal (current works of concrete and reinforced concrete – no chemical aggressiveness).

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