Quality construction

Calitate in constructii


Quality construction

Quality construction is regulated in Romania by Law 10 / January 18, 1995 . Creation of quality construction implies a set of performance that result in fulfilling user requirements throughout the life of the building in question.

Law 10 shall apply to all categories of construction , except dwellings P , P 1 , annexes .

Law 10 implements a quality system that will lead to construction to assure the safety of people , their property , the environment and society .

Quality construction apply depending on the category of the importance of the building , according to the application procedures and regulations .

Important category is determined according to the following types of criteria:

Risk from the point of view of safety
Economic aspect .

The essential requirements which contribute to the achievement of quality construction are :

Strength and Stability
Safety in use
Fire Safety
Hygiene , health and environment
Protection from noise
Thermal insulation , energy saving .

Quality requirements are mandatory for all stakeholders in the construction activity : investors , designers, performers , producers of materials , material vendors , project inspectors , responsible technical managers , owners, users , technical experts , authorities .

The quality system consists of all the procedures , regulations, organizational resources leading to quality assurance in all stages of construction from conception to post-use .

Of system components as building mention:

– Technical Regulations ;

– Quality products used ;

– Technical approvals ;

– Verification of projects and execution of the works;

– Management and quality assurance ;

– State control .


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