Partitions of gypsum board

Partitions of gypsum board

Plaster walls can be used to obtain light partitions . Free space in the wall thickness is an ideal place for erection and instantly dry wall surface can be painted or wallpaper.

In terms of sound insulation panels of drywall successfully cope and wall weight is 25-50 kg / m² . System used is the mullion assembly and metal structure .

It can perform single or double wall . An amendment functional spaces plaster walls can be removed without great efforts .

Mounting panels with steel structure :

a) Start by drawing the route of the wall on the floor with straightening, then follow the wall draws on adjacent walls and floor .

b ) profiles now settles on floors walls and ceilings with univrsale fasteners spaced 80 cm apart. For reasons of insulation profiles now must join as tight construction elements .

c ) profiles uprights must enter at least 2.00 cm in profile about the floor . Profile mullion insert twist down first in profile , then the top. Then mullion profiles are ordered at a spacing of 60 cm .

d ) Installation of the first faces of the wall begins with a full panel of 120 cm . To this end panels are fixed to uprights profiles with self-tapping screws placed at 25 cm spacing , the electric screwdriver .

e) After mounting the first girl and execute any open space systems of the future wall thickness of mineral fiber insulation is installed . Insulation is placed over the entire wall and secured against slipping .

f ) The installation of the second girl , plasterboard wall gets its final stability . Its installation begins with a panel having a half width ( 60 cm ) so that the two sides of the wall joints to be staggered . Plasterboard wall is now ready to treat joints , connections and screw heads .

g ) In the right brackets , joints between panels must be processed with spatula several times .

Drywall systems through their surfaces flat offers an ideal base for stratifications .

To this end the techniques described to be observed :

– Splashes of mortar or other such debris should be removed from the surface

– Processed with fillers areas should be dry and the polished case

smooth . Do not touch sanding primer that compensates for differences in absorption surface gypsum and all joints . The primer should be allowed to dry before applying the next layer ;

– Applied layer may be visible : paint, wallpaper or plated tiles, ceramics, mosaics ;

– The direct effect of water exposed surfaces requiring a protective paint apastop .

Existing walls can be dressed with gypsum boards , dry execution technique .

By plastering dry process boards are installed with special adhesive plaster based directly on a solid support ( wall of masonry, concrete , etc. ) . Prior to this will remove any mortar on a brick wall .

Plasterboard walls are checked by technical agreements accompanying materials delivery.
Partitions of gypsum board

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