Structure estimate – Direct expenditure in construction estimates

cheltuieli directe

Structure estimate – Direct expenditure in construction estimates

The first part of a construction estimate , form, F3 , list of quantities of works includes direct costs , which are formed from other types of expenses as detailed below.

Direct expenditure :
• Material – expenditure on consumption of material resources , which contain all the materials that come into work , with prices from suppliers without VAT , and if the materials are imported , their value must include fees , commissions paid to border (tax customs , customs fees ) .
• m – manpower costs , labor price , value workforce directly productive workers .
• U – consumption expenditure by construction equipment, worth coming all hours of equipment operation and average hourly rate of operation.
• t – consumption expenditure corresponding transport. This will be included as follows:
• value auto transporters , CF , marine, materials , prefabricated from manufacturer / supplier to store intermediate to intermediate storage at the pot on the range of the lifting equipment , which include expenses of such transportation ;
• value shipments construction machinery equipment based at the pot ;
• amount necessary transport technology work if it is not included in the estimate separate articles ( ground transportation , concrete , mortar ) .



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