Structure building work estimate

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 Structure building work estimate

  Work estimate

Estimate of construction works – tool for estimating construction activity that is based on the following categories of expenses:

Direct expenditure

Direct expenditure – are those real expenses come in the production process or rather help achieve effective product construction. They are found in the first part of a work estimate , calculate charges accumulating material chletuieli labor, equipment and chletuieli transport costs .
Other direct costs

Other direct costs – are these types of expenses within a work estimate and include: Additional costs , expenses attached materials , labor , equipment, transportation of construction activity .
indirect expenses

Indirect costs – not directly attributable to the production process, they refer to construction activity in its entirety.

Profit – is the primary goal of any construction activities undertaken by these enterprises . It is present in the uni as a percentage estimate of other costs and differ from one contractor to another.


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