Polycarbonate awnings

Polycarbonate awnings


Polycarbonate is a technopolymer with physical and mechanical characteristics far superior to other plastics: PVC, poly – PMMA , replacing them successfully.

Being treated against UV- radiation compact polycarbonate panels are “long -life ” – ie timp.Panourile last long in polycarbonate are available in a variety of colors, of which the most commonly used are : clear , bronze, opal and opal neon .

Due to the special qualities of polycarbonate panels : unbreakable , light weight, good heat and sound insulating treated against UV radiation , have many uses both inside and outside buildings. They have a low specific gravity compared to other similar materials . Such offers ease of installation and handling and allow easy installation of support structures and simple .

A further advantage is the possibility of deflection of these panels to cool and allow editing of particular appearance .

Polycarbonate material class according to Technical Approval issued by C1 – try is “practically non-flammable ” .


There are super-strong polycarbonate plates in standard types ( single or multiple layers )

– solid boards – simple transparent partitions and interior protective coatings ( protective Machinery , interior partitions , display stands ) ;

– Solid boards for use outside – “long -life ” ( covering courtyards , canopies , telephone booths , wind barriers or noise ) ;

– protecred multilayer boards on one side (greenhouses , gymnasiums , windows and doors) ;


Specification “long -life ” refers to the existence of protective coatings in outdoor conditions . This coating is applied by coextrusion through this process obtaining a perfect adhesion to the underlying layer without delaminating, regardless of climatic conditions , the cold bending or thermoforming .
Face plate is marked as protected factory and will be mounted to the outside.
Specification “long -life -plus ” indicates that the board is protected on both sides for outdoor conditions .
Unlike polycarbonate panels protected us types “long -life ” and “long -life -plus ” retains transparency and brilliance for longer exposure to weather conditions . After ten years of use they lose 1-4% of transparency , compared to 8-10% as lost cards unprotected .
Plaques specification “no -drop ” (no drops) , made ​​into a film of condensate dispersion uniform without forming droplets .
The material keeps its characteristics unchanged in the temperature range from -40 º C to + 115 º C
The boards are lightweight, are easily handled and processed .
Plate thickness varies as: simple plaque inside 1 10mm exterior 2-12 mm thick; multi layer boards are between 6-25 mm thick;
Weight ranges from 1.3 to 3.7 kg / m² depending on thickness and specification chosen for the board ;
Girl with water dispersion layer “no -drop ” will be placed inside the droplets of condensation causing elimination . Water is distributed evenly in a thin , light conditions remaining constant.
To cover the sky, cold plates bend the metal frame is fixed properly and corresponding profiles supplied by the manufacturer along arc bending .


Manufacturing companies offer a wide range of accessories that relate to the upper and lower mounting profile aluminum with rubber sealing profiles and coverage , closing ( end ) and aluminum or PVC pipe or lateral closing , as comic adhesive aluminum .

Depending on the size of the tiles are secured equally spaced longitudinal and transverse supports necessary resistance to snow load or wind request .


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