COMPOSITION OF CONCRETE – GENERAL Concrete is a composite material made from artificial mixtures, homogenized, which after curing has a look of conglomerates with physical and mechanical resistance chimice.Betonul is one of the most widely used materials in construction. It is known in antiquity (Egypt) and has major advantages (making of geometrical shapes, high compressive resistance and chemical aggressiveness, relatively low cost price) and disadvantages (high unladen weight, low resistance to stretching, strengthening relatively slow). The main components of concrete are:

aggregates (natural, artificial);
binder (inorganic, organic)
additives (substances introduced into the mixture mass producing the desired changes in the properties of fresh concrete or reinforced, such as: improving workability, accelerating or delaying intake and / or strengthening, lowering the freezing temperature, etc.);
additives (substances or materials introduced into the fresh concrete mass to improve certain properties of the hardened concrete, such as surface hardness, wear resistance, resistance to the penetration of radiation of the fresh concrete, etc., or cohesion, keeping homogeneity, etc. – mineral fillers, fibers, natural and artificial);
water (when required).
Diversified nature of the components, their combination and dosage, leading to a huge range of concrete types with different characteristics. In concrete, cement-water system is the active mixture.

Classification concrete

Properties of fresh concrete

Properties of hardened concrete

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