Cement Concrete

Cement Concrete

COMPONENETII CONCRETE – CEMENT CONCRETE Cement is a powdered material, such as basic, hydrophilic, chemically unstable. Thixotropic paste mixed with water forms that make plug and harden over time to form “cement stone.” Portland cement (siliceous), a mixture of silicates and calcium aluminates and is obtained by finely grinding Portland cement clinker with the addition of 2 … 7% gypsum to adjust the setting time. Portland cement clinker is produced by burning a mixture of raw materials in rotary kilns. The raw materials used in the manufacture of portland cement clinker are: limestone, marl, clay, leossuri, industrial by-products (slag, ash, shale), additions correction (silica, alumina, ferugionase etc.) casts.

The mineralogical composition of cement


The usual categories of cements

Properties of cement

Cement factor influence on the properties of concrete

Transport and storage of cement

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