Construction estimates , construction and installation drawing currencies , roads and bridges

Our team of engineers and Devizier aims to provide professional preparation currencies, technical and economic Permits estimate , Permits phases of civil engineering , industrial plants , roads and bridges. Competence and seriousness with which we treat each investment objective of gave us a reputation over time and the desire to help you plan your time and money as rigorous project was born .

Construction estimates , estimate general categories of works currencies offer extracted resources , documentation auction

Our specialists in preparation currencies, has extensive experience in developing all types of construction estimates from the general estimate , the estimates offer categories of works and excerpts resources necessary documentation for participation in the auction .

General estimate , feasibility study

Any construction product is an action that starts with an idea and grow until the design phase estimate estimate partial general feasibility study stage , which contributes significantly to the decision to invest.

Antemasuratoare quantities of papers , articles framing rules estimate indicator

Our services also include completion schedule, already developed and framing articles indicating lack of rules for foreign currency items works unfitted .
Antemasuratoarea is the element underlying any estimate technical and economic documentation . Accuracy and its manner of preparation depends on the quality of documentation and that the final cost of the investment.

Article estimate norm estimate , specific consumption , the item unit price estimate

Article estimate attached contains specific consumption of resources in concordoanta norm estimate corresponding workflow , and corresponding unit prices . Corresponding to a standard specific consumption estimate are :

– Specific consumption of materials:

– Get real material consumption in the process;
– Technological losses
– Non-technological losses

– Specific consumption of labor ( manpower , manpower )

– Specific consumption of equipment (hours )

In case the work can not fit the indicator directly or by assimilation, by the use of drafting local rules modality standardization in construction activity .
Price per item unit price estimate is to achieve a measurement of an article is obtained by multiplying the estimate and the specific consumption of resources contained in the norm estimate , with corresponding resource estimate unit prices .

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