How to make an estimate

How to make an estimate

Importance construction estimates – making construction cost through technical-economic documentation estimate

Within a construction cost estimate is based on the idea , the feasibility study is prepared for the project , through which it demonstrates how feasible is if you qualify for the desired achievement.
If it turns out that the project is feasible , also in feasibility study stage of the investment made ​​a general estimate which contains all the elements contained in the technical-economic documentation estimate , and other costs included in the structure of a general estimate .

Components estimate documentation :
– Antemasuratoare
– Estimates (F1 , F2, F3 form)
– Lists resources consumption
– List of equipment and machinery that require assembly
– Indicators of rules estimate the categories of works
– Base price with company-specific unit prices
– Legislation and normative currency profile

How to make an estimate , estimates :

– The first step in making the estimate documentation is
antemasuratoare preparation .

Antemasuratoare = base any estimate, its importance is fundamental , drawing its construction will depend on the technology but also technology experience what develops .
Besides technological stages , antemasuratoarea also includes quantities of works that result from on-site measurement of works executed efactive or plan if you are prepared technical design stage .
The works of schedule, they are elementary process steps resulting from the decomposition construction in parts becoming smaller tool ” decomposed structure of the work .”
Breakdown starts the object is divided into objects , objects in categories of works detailing the categories of construction works in chapters , chapters into articles of paper work and reach the last phase the paper version .

– Supervised articles in indicator works from antemasuratoare estimate rules .

Article from work so results are included as standard indicators exact estimate and is
Attach a unit price – ITEM ESTIMATE . A work item corresponds to a single item of estimate
or more articles estimate.
Consumption specifc resource estimate related rules , attached to the item of work , along with the unit price estimate , turn work item estimate in the article .
Each item in the estimate may comprise , depending on specifics , one, two or all three resources :
– material
– Labor ,
– Machine.
The item price estimate is formed by summing the component resource prices . In a program resource estimates may change price components may change component item by deleting and / or adding other resources , according to customer needs .

– Calculation works bills of quantities using a forex program .

After Devizier antemasuratoarea is complete surrender . They use a program estimates , we calculate the total cost estimates ie create a summary that includes the final value of the building as lists of quantities of works .
If antemasuratoarea is not complete , it contains articles procurement , transportation , installation , Devizier will be responsible for completing them antemasuratoarea according excute technology , but also according to clients demands . Program estimates also gives us choice variant optimal work execution technology .




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